I  have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember. My first memories of drawing, hold images of the giant boxes of Crayola crayons and bright colored pens. Today I use tubes of watercolor and acrylic paints.

I was born in the Midwest. I got my Bachelor of Arts degree with an emphasis on fashion design from a small private school, Mount Mary College, and headed to New York City.  Later rather than sooner, I ended up in my current place of residence on the Central Coast of Northern California.

I moved to New York City after college. I have worked in the fields of apparel manufacturing, clothing retailers, custom photography houses, and some of the top advertising agencies in the United States. The creation of art , in all of these fields, is truly my first love.

In New York I continued studying art whenever I could afford the time and money. I enrolled in classes at Parsons School of Art, The New School for Social Research, The Fashion Institute of Technology and the historic Art Student’s League. I studied anatomy drawing, compositional drawing, oil painting, acrylic painting, watercolor painting, photography, fashion illustration, digital art and advertising design.


Beautiful girls- of all ages- and their wishes are an important theme in my art. Couture fashion, my first love in drawing, deeply inspires me with it's long lean lines. "The Lady in The Moon"  can be seen in my work as well.

I left the big city behind several years ago and now call the Central Coast of California my home.

I love learning new things. Shortly after I moved to this area, I studied abstract acrylic painting with a local artist. I had never been one for abstract work,   I consider my style more impressionistic. I was immediately impressed with the fact that I could capture the local atmospheric changes in this style of work quite readily. I will usually use this style of painting for my landscapes. My heart motif paintings are also a hybrid of this painting style.

All of the work listed on this site is for sale if not noted differently. I also have an Etsy site-


that I can list any of this work for sale. Drop me a line and I will let you know sizes and prices.


Enough of all that, now sit back and enjoy the show!

sheree greek