What do I Hunger for?

And just like that I’m back in the saddle again.

May1 Hunger for.jpg

Time has definitely flown since January 1. When I woke up yesterday I couldn’t believe we were turning the page to May 1, 2019. So it is…

There have been lot’s of starts and stop the last few months. I had dental problems that finished up with a root canal. It will always amaze me how under the weather we feel when there is pain in our mouths. Little or big it just don’t feel right. I had some great Dentists fix the problem, but it cost me a small fortune that I needed to find a solution. Enter credit card stage left. Lots of mac and cheese in my future.

I have also been dismayed by some of the comments and news reports coming out about social media in general. Did I ever think we were not being monitored on any platform-No.. Did I think that these platforms had the ability to spy on us? Another scary -No. Some of the statements each of these Platforms are making to justify their activities and behavior are truly brow raising and shocking. Will I stay engaged? Not sure today.

So it goes…

I’m feeling more grounded then the last few months, so I decided I would take on another creative challenge from #icreatedaily. This challenge focuses on mixed media, and I am feeling that this is in my wheelhouse since most of my work includes a few different media when I create my pieces.


So I’m trying to keep things in order and move forward on a few projects I put on the back burner.

Time to work on post for tomorrow. See you all then.

Cheers Dears-sheree A.K.A. Mystical Medusa

Happy May