Mystical Me

Mystical Medusa reading and conversing with her Oracle.

Mystical Medusa reading and conversing with her Oracle.

The Seer

Who knew...

I have been reading Tarot Cards and Palms for The better part of 30 years. I originally turned to Tarot as a way of deepening my knowledge about myself. After a few dismal decisions back in the mid Eighties, I thought it was time to reflect on who and what it was I was meant to do in this life. The Tarot helped me immensely on that journey.

Over the years I would pull out my decks for friends that were in need of some new options, and I continued to study and read all things Mystical.

As my journey continued, I took a leap of faith and moved to Northern California in the early 2000's. It was in this community that my Reader skills, and knowledge, increased and today I do readings by appoint for the public. I am also an Artist and Maker so the appointments for Tarot and Palmistry fit quite nicely in my busy schedule.

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It's all in the cards-