Ides of August

Well, this summer is passing by all too fast. I barely get a start on things and the ground shifts in another direction.

me OMG.jpg

The astrologers are chalking it up to eclipse season, and all answers will be clear by the middle of September. I am hoping so, because there are too many questions that are unanswered in my realm this season.

Like -Should I stay or should I go?

Jobs in my neighborhood have been relatively short supply this Summer. I have been picking up some odds and ends but nothing that steadily cover the bills. Timing was not on my side in these matters at all.

So, the next decision I had you make was to give up my art studio on Cannery Row. This studio has been the calm in my storms over the last 3 years. My sales never paid the rent and this Summer everything seemed to dry up in said sales department. So, I have decided to cut this cord loose.

I have loved being down on Cannery Row, all the old history and fisherman tales, it's quite intriguing. As the rents increased and the availability of no water for clean up became more annoying, I realized last month that this was no longer the right space for me.

The other piece of the story was- should I move back east to be closer to my Family? I thought that the answer was yes back at the end of July. The Universe has clearly had another plan for me, and that story is unfolding. Truth be told I am waiting patiently for the enlightenment.

So, I am in the middle of a major clearing of a 7 x10 foot storage unit and packing up Medusa's Emporium. Yikes what have I gotten myself into. As of September 30th this will no longer be my home away from home. A bit melancholy yes, but excitement for a new adventure is stirring,

packing 8_14.jpg

Well, so many things to do -here, there and everywhere... Time to get cracking.

Yes, my Tarot Majors series was suppose to start today. That just went to the back burner. I think my next post will be about the backstory for that project... stay tuned.

virtual mystic medusa2.jpg

Until next time-

Cheers Dears from Mystical Medusa a. k. a. sheree greek